Sometimes in life, things don’t go according to plan and this is when we usually become extremely unhappy and disappointed with our current reality that we are living in.  What Luis and I have learned from personal experience is that this is when the law of attraction is a must!  The law of attraction means that what our mind thinks and focuses on is what we conceive and bring into our reality.  Bottom line is we attract to ourselves what we give our attention to.  If we think about being broke, poor and lonely and give focus to these thoughts every day then guess what happens?  These thoughts are exactly what we will be!


Our thoughts have a very significant impact in our lives; whether they are positive or negative. The achievements we have in our lives, the money we make, the house we live in and the partner whom we marry or are dating are the direct reflection of what we thought into our existence.  One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the law of attraction is not able to distinguish between positive and negative thoughts.


The law of attraction tends to be misunderstood in many ways.  People sometimes think that it deals with loving others.  In one way, it does refer to that, but there are other things to also know.  When we focus on negative and positive things, it brings about negative and positive thoughts. Several occasions happen in our lives because of our thinking.


For example, if we are thinking our relationship is horrible and that is all we dwell on then the law of attraction will make sure that our relationship stays horrible because it is what we are thinking.  If we decide to turn it around and focus on being grateful for being in a relationship and we begin to work on learning how to be happy in it, then the law of attraction will make sure we figure out ways to feel happier in that relationship.  This same concept can be applied to everything other situation in our lives.


You might be asking yourself: “How can I achieve success in my life?”  You will be pleasantly surprised to know that first you have to desire what you need or want in your life.  Unless you have that urge to really get something you will not plan and take the action needed to make it happen.  Use a paper and pen to write down what you want to do in life.  A great way to start is by writing down “I am so happy and grateful now that (your goal)”.  Writing it as if it already has happened will help the universe deliver what you are believing to have already happened.  Get extremely clear on what you want in order for you to immediately start taking action and control over what you want.  It can be absolutely anything you want and require.


When you are done writing everything down and getting very clear, you will immediately start feeling a sense of accomplishment and you will also be able to visualize yourself achieving your goals.  Maybe you want to live in a big house, you want a lot of money, you want a good life partner or a luxury vehicle.  All of these things have to be felt first in order to believe that they are possible before being able to actually live in them.  Do not worry how things are in the current moment or how others currently see you just focus on how you want things to be in order for those things to come to life.


Start looking forward to life every morning you wake up.  Only when you think positive, can you move forward in life.  As soon as you open your eyes begin your day by just saying “Thank you.”  This will bring a sense of genuine gratefulness and will allow the day to flow in a more positive direction.  It is impossible to gain more out of life if we are not able to be thankful for what we currently have.  Every single person is able to find at least one thing to be truly grateful for in this very moment.  As soon as we find things to be grateful for instead of being ungrateful or complaining we are able allow more of everything else we want into our lives.the
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Challenge yourself to say thank you 100 times before even leaving your home every day.  Continue to say thank you throughout the day and at the end of the night think about everything you are thankful for.  You can even take it a step further and write down two things you were grateful for that happened that day.  This act of being thankful while in the moment will open many doors for the law of attraction to work for you.


When you think that it is not going to be possible or completed, then you can never move ahead.  Hence you will want to take control of your thoughts and be positive.  Only you can change your life which is why you will want to move ahead and use the law of attraction to achieve all of your goals and make your wildest dreams come true!


We use the law of attraction every day, whether we realize it or not.  You even attracted yourself to reading this article! The three basic steps of the law of attraction are 1) Ask 2) Believe 3) Receive.  If you are surrounded by negative relatives or friends distancing yourself as much as possible will allow the law of attraction to work better for you.  When we are surrounded by negative opinions and thoughts it makes it a little harder for us to remain positive.


Negative people like to take out their own misery on others, especially their family and friends.  Hence, they remain lonely and often feel insecure about themselves.  We are all better off without the negative Nancy’s in our lives. If someone is not going to uplift you or help you achieve your goals and make you feel good about yourself it is time to rethink that friendship or relationship.


Do you currently dislike your current reality?


You can take control and change it immediately!  You have the ability to take charge and make changes as early as right now.  As human beings, we have the ability to control our thoughts and it is a gift many do not use in their favor.  If you are watching the news every single morning a great tip is to please STOP!


Think about this: how is your day going to be if your friend comes over and tells you five terrible things every morning?  Your day will most likely be filled with the thoughts of these five terrible things.  The news is the same way only worst, it is usually more than five terrible things first thing in the morning.  How do you expect to have a positive day when you are filling your brain with negative things first thing in the morning or even at night before going to sleep?


It is time to take control and start asking the universe what you want out of life!  Start applying everything you just read to have the law of attraction work for you and in your favor instead of against it.  You are worth being happy every single day.  We are not here to just live unhappy in a job we hate, a life we despise day in and day out barely being happy and then poof in our graves.  Society tries to mold us from the time we are young and unfortunately many times it is someone we are truly not and we forget that all we have to do is simply ask for what we want.


Another key to the law of attraction is learning how to truly love ourselves. We want to really be careful with what we say about ourselves even if we are saying it jokingly. We don’t ever want to call ourselves dumb or stupid because eventually our minds start believing this. If you are guilty of putting yourself down its time to change that habit right now! Instead, let’s start telling ourselves how much we love ourselves. If you have the habit of putting yourself down it will take practice to reach a point when all you think is positive of yourself, but when you get in that healthy habit I promise the law of attraction will start working in your favor at a much faster rate.


When you have a thought (either positive or negative) about something the more you think about it the more powerful that specific thought becomes. When we have a thought about being sick or something not positive it is very important to redirect that thought to something positive to not keep watering that thought. A great analogy for this is to picture a seed. Not every seed blooms only those that are watered and nurtured on a daily basis. If you are feeling healthy and wealthy even if your body or bank account says otherwise you will begin to be healthy and wealthy because the law of attraction will not let you down. Make sure to focus on watering the thoughts you want to come to live not the ones you don’t.


Two great books that explain the law of attraction that are Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  Both books explain how powerful our thoughts are and that we are meant to have a beautiful life.  They help teach us through their books to really be grateful for whom we are and where we are, no matter what our current situations or circumstances are.  We are reminded in both books that when we give our focus to not having we will simply continue to not have.  When we feel great we are giving attention to what we want because we are like they explain aligned with what we want.  When we feel bad about ourselves or circumstance they teach us that we are not in alignment with what we desire therefore we are not giving attention to what we truly desire.

We all have our own beautiful journey that we will walk through and our own experiences we will learn from.  Using the law of attraction in our lives to help us become a better version of ourselves and help inspire others around us will help us feel so much more fulfilled and much happier every single day.  Our happiness will radiate and overflow causing more positive things to keep pouring into our lives.  The most important relationship we have in this world is the one we have with ourselves.  LOVE yourself first and you will be able to always figure out how to attract everything you want into your life.  You are made for more and worthy of having everything you want don’t let anyone take that away from you.


The law of attraction is honestly not as complicated as some people make it seem.  All you need to do is first have a grateful attitude for living in this awesome universe!  Then get very clear on exactly what you want out of life and let others know your goals so that you too can start believing them.  Keep in mind that not everyone will agree with your ideas and goals but do not let that discourage you because in the end it is your ideas not theirs and you truly do not need validation from anyone.  Stop giving attention to the things that you do not desire because it will not help you it will only hurt you.  Don’t forget to love yourself in the process and stop putting yourself down.  Never be afraid to ask anything out of life! Unless you ask, you never get it, period.

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49 Replies to “Why We Worked so Hard to Truly Understand and Use the Law of Attraction in Our Lives”

  1. I love the positive mindset that this article promotes. It’s all about attracting ourselves to the things that we want to accomplish!

  2. It’s like tricking your mind to think of what you want so that you can finally go get it. It’s definitely the kind of mindset that you want to have when you want to accomplish something.

  3. I enjoyed reading this and really identified with the parts about being thankful. It really is important to be grateful for everything that we have.Great post.

  4. This is awesome, “what a man thinketh so is he” I have been deliberately thinking positive thoughts even though its a challenge at times but i see continued success since I have been doing so and the negative people are no longer in my circle.

  5. I definitely believe that what we throw out there at the universe definitely manifests itself. If we strive to think ourselves in a more positive light than we can grow from there.

  6. The most critical thing to understand is that your thoughts matter. Your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings create your actions, and your actions create your life. They’re all interconnected, no exceptions.

  7. This was such a strong and powerful post that I shared it with my teenager. She’s got a friend at school who is often depressed and is having a lot of issues – well, over the last couple of months, those issues seem to be spreading to my daughter. We read this post together this morning and had a long talk about how we can influence others instead of letting them influence us, and that we can draw more positivity our way by focusing on the positive aspects of what we have and what we want to have. I don’t know an awful lot on this topic just yet, but I’m hoping to read the Secret soon – and in the meantime, I’m loving that the universe is bringing so many things like this my way.

    1. I am so glad that you found value in this and that the universe sent it your way because it knew your daughter and you would find value. I will be thinking about your daughter for the rest of the school year and would love an update if its possible 😀 I can’t wait to hear your feedback on the Secret it was part of what inspired me to write my book last year sharing my own journey.

  8. Ever since I knew about the law of attraction i have been trying to put it in practice. I discovered it really works. Being grumpy does not change the way the world is. It is what it is.

  9. Such a good read. I currently know a very negative nancy living in my home. I will be sharing this article with him to read and think about. Thanks for sharing

  10. I need to check out the two books you mentioned (Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks and The Secret by Rhonda Byrn) as they seem like something I would enjoy reading.This is such a powerful post.

  11. I am believer that the way we think does determine many things that we have in our life. So many people thought I would never be able to run a successful blog but I never thought like that, I was always optimistic that things would turn out the way I planned, no matter how much time it took!

  12. Your post is so very true. If you speak and think negatively then that is all that will follow. I think we all need reminding to think on the brighter side of life.

  13. I enjoyed reading this, it’s so inspiring! I want to do the “saying thank you” 100 times or even writing it. As people always say to count your blessing so you would now that though some areas are lacking, we are still blessed.

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