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Last week we had the HONOR of visiting an attraction that even Elvis Presley visited! I have always heard of the mermaid show in Weeki Wachee, FL but have never been in the area to visit.  I did a sea

rch to see what attractions were nearby so I was ecstatic to find this on the list!!! The mermaids perform every day of the year which is a plus you can go any time o

f the year and see their fun performance!

While we were there the show they performed was called Fish Ta

ils.  We were extremely impressed with this show it was so fun to see them s

wimming around the spring performing!  They had a little bit of everything from fish eating out of their hands, to eating under water and they even share some of the history when the attraction first opened in 1947.

The “live mermaids” perform in the Newton Perry Underwater Theater which was built directly into the limestone side of the spring by Perry who was a local entrepreneur and former U.S. Navy

Man.  I learned that in the 60’s the mermaids performed 8 shows a day! I also learned that back then as many as half a million people a year came to see them perform!  Being a mermaid was glamorous back then and they only had 35 mermaids at at time!  I had no idea that this would be such a cool attraction! I seriously left wanting to throw a tail on

to be a mermaid! The technique they use to breathe underwater is what Perry invented back in 1947 and its still being used today!

The first thing we did was see the mermaids perform (because of course this is the main attraction!) and then we walked to the other side of the park and hopped on a Riverboat which gave us a 25 minute tour of the Weeki Wachee River as they gave us a narrative of the beautiful nature around us!  After the river boat cr

uise we took the kids to the playground (which they LOVED!), I took a trip to the store which w

as full of SO MANY fun mermaid souvenirs (yes I wanted it all!) and then ended our day with the Wildlife Animal Show.  The show only consisted of 4 animals but the lady that did that show was the best I have ever seen to date! At the end of the animal show we had the chance to pet a small gator and the kids had a blast seeing him up close and touching his tail.  I even enjoyed that part I had no idea their skin was so soft!!!

I created a video which you can check out below showing the highlights of the day an

d to get a glimpse into the mermaids performing (trust me you have to go in person to get the full effect of this AWESOME show!)

For tickets and to see more information about Weeki Wachee Springs State Park go to:

If you are not getting out and

collecting experiences today is the day

to start! Nothing is a coincidence and if you read this today it is a reminder that life is beautiful and meant to be enjoyed! Thank you for taking time to read and don’t forget we are 1st Class RV Adventures:


Please comment below if you have ever been to the mermaid show in Weeki Wachee I would love to hear what performance you saw when you went!



34 Replies to “Weeki Wachee Springs State Park Review”

  1. I am a constant traveller, and yet i had not heard about this place.

    Thank you so much for the insight. Adding it to my bucket list!

  2. I have a couple of mermaids story books that I often read to my kids. It would be a blast for my kids to go and see the mermaid show. I am really curious to see how they react once they’ve seen the show.

    1. It was my dream as a little girl to be a mermaid so I enjoyed it just as much maybe even more than my daughter lol! The wildlife show was good too I learned a lot of things I didn’t know and she was funny so it was educational and fun!

  3. Live mermaids! I love this idea! I have a niece that has been obsessed with Mermaids since Ariel made them popular again. She’s an adult now, but she would still love this.

  4. Wow this looks like amazing show!! Ive never heard of it, Were going to florida in May so hopefully my hubby and i can detour and go watch it! Youre so brave for touching the gators tail! Thanks for sharing

  5. I would never get tired of watching and admiring live mermaids performances. They always bring magic to everyone, and their costumes are so fabulous!

  6. These photos are so cute!! I had no idea that they did this at Weeki Wachee State park. It’s always a fun time when kids can get really into the magical creatures and characters. My son would love it there, thanks for sharing!

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