A few weeks ago we had the HONOR of visiting an attraction full of history and adventure! We were able to experience the Wilderness Excursion where our adventure began via the Toonerville Trolley where we hopped aboard a 1927 trolley and rode for 5 1/2 miles through a beautiful forest! It was pretty cool because they gave us a tree guide so that we can learn about various trees that we saw during the ride.  We had the opportunity to see some cranes which was fun.  It was our first time on a trolley like this and the kids really enjoyed the experience!

After about half an hour of being on the awesome trolley we reached our first destination where  we boarded the Hiawatha Riverboat.  The kids loved it because they were given a fun blue boarding ticket that said “Stow Aways.”  The Riverboat was awesome they had snacks, food, drinks, wine and beer available and yes Daddy was happy with the beer lol.  We made our way to the second story of the boat where we sat right by one of the speakers to listen to the captains narration full of fun facts and history! We also had the chance to meet some locals that gave us all sorts of fun facts about Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.  Make sure to bring some cash for the delicious food and snacks because they can’t accept credit cards due to the remote area.

After two hours of our FUN boat ride we reached our next destination which was the Tahquamenon Falls where we had a fairly easy hike to see both the lower and upper part of the falls.  This is the ONLY tour that provides access to the Upper part of Tahquamenon Falls!!!!! The kids did great during the hike we really had a great time and the opportunity to shoot some fun video which you can watch below!

I wish I could describe in words our reaction when we witnessed the beauty of the falls for the first time! We had to go down a set of steps to first see the one part of the falls and as we all reached the viewing area the exact words that came out of all of our mouths including the children was “WOWWWWWWW.”  Yes it was that impactful! Then we went back up the steps walked a little more and went down another set of steps to have another “WOWWWWW” moment!

We were all reminded in that moment of how beautiful nature and creation truly are!  The fun trolley ride, riverboat and hike were seriously all part of this incredible experience!  On the way back on the Riverboat we stayed downstairs to eat our lunch and it was really comfortable because they have quite a few tables you can sit down and eat.  We also learned a little more about the history of when this attraction began as a dream in the 1920’s and then became a reality and it’s still operating today!

If you are in the Upper Peninsula we HIGHLY recommend this attraction we promise you will NOT regret it! A huge thank you to Ms. Dixie for allowing us to not only collect this experience to share with everyone but also for allowing us to boondock in their parking lot.  Boondokcing allowed us to witness seeing the Milky Way for the first time ever and also really immerse in the setting since we had the original Toonersville Trolley in our backyard!

If you are not getting out and collecting experiences today is the day to start! Nothing is a coincidence and if you read this today it is a reminder that life is beautiful and meant to be enjoyed! Thank you for taking time to read and don’t forget we are 1stClassRVadventures WHERE WE SUPPORT YOUR DREAMS!!!

Please comment below if you have ever been to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (and share what you recommend to check out) or if you have ever experienced this specific attraction we LOVE hearing from you!


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62 Replies to “Train & Riverboat Tours Review”

  1. I am so envious of your explorations as I love to explore and see new things… Especially with my husband! He and I won’t be doing that until the end of December when we head off to KENYA!

  2. That sounds like a fantastic experience…a trolly, a riverboat! I bet my niece and goddaughter would both love this kind of trip. And I bet the hike to the falls would get them nice and tired. Sounds like a perfect trip with kids.

  3. I love that you do family adventure excursions. When my little is a bit older i hope to get in a bit more hiking.

  4. Wow this sounds like the most amazing place to explore, I would love to give it a try myself as it sounds like adventure without too much having to do myself which is perfect with my medical problems.

  5. Wow, it seems like you all had a blast. I love how pretty everything is and it looks like the perfect place for an adventure.

  6. this gives me a lot of fomo haha i would love to take a weekend trip with my husband to do some exploring too! this is such a beautiful season for it.

  7. What a fun experience you and your family had! I love nature and being outdoors. I really like how the trip started with a trolley ride, then riverboat, and ended with a hike.

  8. I used to think we were horrible at vacationing because we just never relaxed. Truth is, our favorite vacations are ones where we explore and try new things. This looks like so much fun.

  9. I could see those satisfying smile from you kid’s face. Looks like your family enjoyed a lot.
    Where are you guys heading next?

  10. This looks like it was such an amazing trip! I love to go on things like this and make memories that are going to last forever.

  11. We also recently went for fall trip near our house, Felker’s Fall and we also had great family time. It looks like you guys also had amazing time at this fall and it looks really great place to visit.

  12. It sounds like you all had an awesome time on your adventure to see Tahquamenon Falls. I have lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan most of my life but never visited Tahquamenon Falls before. There are so many beautiful things to see in the U.P. of Michigan. I would recommend The DeYoung Family in Wallace Michigan. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  13. I’ve always heard that Michigan is a must see place but I’ve never had the opportunity to travel there, yet. I do love taking tours so I’m sure this would be right up my alley.

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