I am BEYOND excited to share our review on the Sea Eagle 420x kayak that we recently unboxed right on the Yellowstone River!  They have so many choices literally a boat for anyone out there! We ended up choosing the 420X Explorer.  This was the most versatile one for us and we can each take one child plus our snacks and book bags for our adventures.

Our boxes ready to be unboxed!

They have quite a few different packages to choose from (which I highly recommend because you get great extras).  We chose the Deluxe and the Pro package.  They are very similar biggest difference was the two different types of chairs they each come with.  Luis and I are using the seats that came with the Pro package and the kids are using the ones that came with the Deluxe package.  I personally found the tall back seats (the ones with the Pro package) to be more comfortable for a longer period of time.  

Luis was the first to test it out HE LOVED IT!

Luis and Julez kayaking with a view!

We have a few accessories that we are looking to add in the near future which includes the QuickSail, the backpacks and the Multi-purpose storage box.  The backpacks will make it even easier to put them away and carry around and the storage box will be great to hold Luis fishing rods!   

Seriously you guys I can’t say enough GREAT things about our new kayaks!  We had no idea that inflatable kayaks would be SO awesome! We previously had two sit on top Hobie and Wilderness kayaks because we did not know having an inflatable more versatile one for our RV would even be possible! We have been full-time RV traveling for 2+ years and these Sea Eagles are super convenient because they don’t take as much room and we don’t have to constantly bring in and out of our RV!

To say we love them is an understatement! We first heard about this brand from our fellow RVing friends who actually saved Luis’s life thanks to their Sea Eagles as they were going down the Arkansas River in Colorado! Hubby was going down on his sit on top and the rapids kept flipping his kayak over while my friends Sea Eagles went right over the rocks with no issues! On two different occasions, hubby was able to hold on to our friends Sea Eagle and catch his breath again (this alone was a HUGE determining factor when we chose the 420x)!  Just in case you missed the series of 3 videos here is the first one: PART 1.

We were both super impressed with the foot pump because it was super quick! I was expecting it to be like the manual pumps for an air mattress which every one I have ever tried in the past was a nightmare!  We did not use an air pump because it specifically says to only use Sea Eagle pumps and since it came with it that’s what we used.  We were so blown away by how fast it was that we will be counting the exact number of pumps it takes and sharing that next time we take them out!

Mimi really enjoyed kayaking on our new Sea Eagles!

We had the opportunity to compare our Sea Eagles to the inflatable kayak our fellow nomad friends from Hebards Travels have.  They could not say enough GREAT things about it! Their kayak, unfortunately, is not very comfortable for long adventures and not very comfortable for two adults, unlike the Sea Eagle where they were super comfortable (both adults and a fur baby!). After our 4 hour adventure, I have to admit I had no back pain after all that paddling!  This is pretty huge and Luis back was fine too (he has herniated discs and had no complaints).


Hebards Travels testing out our Sea Eagle 420X

Kimber totally approved of the Sea Eagle 420X

I can keep talking your head off about our awesome new kayaks because I just love them so much LOL but before I bore you I want to say this:

Whether you travel in an RV like us or you live in a sticks and bricks home this company is the way to go! You can’t beat the quality, versatility and how compact they become! Not to mention they even offer a 3-year warranty against manufacturer defects!  They are SO confident you will LOVE your Sea Eagle that you can try it RISK FREE for 180 days from the day you receive it (seriously who does that?) 

We are creating a full review video but for now here is the unboxing video we did over at the Yellowstone River: