When we first bought our RV I had no idea how much of a bad idea a white sink really was.  If you do not know me personally I love everything to look clean and tidy and this sink was driving me crazy lol.  I was always putting things to whiten it as much as possible with very little success.

Our original “white” sink

I was super excited to learn that our friends over at Lippert are the leading supplier for RVs and they have a ton of sinks and faucets to choose from.  

Very EXCITED to unbox our new items!

They have these beautiful stainless steel farmers sinks which I would have totally chosen but the dimensions did not fit our current sink area.  I was still extremely happy to find a sink that fit and although it wasn’t stainless steel (its stainless steel colored) it seems really well built so I do not have to worry about it chipping.

Our brand new sink and faucet!

Our specific sink and sink covers are from the Better Bath Sinks Collection.  Our sink has a small curve on the upper left hand corner so our model comes in several color options including black, white and stainless steel.  The one we chose is thermoformed which we found out weighs 20-25% less than what we originally had! This was a huge plus because as we get ready for our solar install less weight in the rig the better.  

The faucet we chose is the Flow Max Galley Faucet model 719323 (which I fell in love with when I saw it installed in the Heartland Cyclone Toy Hauler.  I love the fact that its real stainless steel because our previous faucet was painted stainless steel and Luis had no idea so he used an abrasive cleaner one time and chipped it away by accident (insert: shrugging emoji).

Before and After

We did a video showing the unboxing and installation of the sink and faucet.  After two weeks I am totally still LOVING the upgrades and I am happy to say we HIGHLY recommend checking Lippert out for your next kitchen sink and faucet renovation!

Check out the video below and stay tuned for a full review in the near future: