According to CNBC the most common remote job pays almost $90,000 a year.

Have you ever dreamt of working remotely? Trust me you are not alone!

Seriously saving money on formal work wardrobe, and commuting you can save hundreds even thousands per year.

We have personally been working from the road traveling the country in our RV since July 2016.  It is almost 2019 there is no reason why you can’t work remotely full time or part-time to bring in an extra income.

Keep reading to learn about 8 popular remote jobs and their salaries:

  1. Clinical Consultant

Average annual pay according to Payscale: $82,102 

2) Client services director

Average annual pay: $87,324

3) Marketing

Average annual pay: $63.482

4) Project Management

Average annual pay: $93,478

5) Speech Language Pathologist

Average annual pay: $59,672

6) Accountant

Average annual pay: $50,388

7) Writer

Average annual pay: $48,700

8) Online Tutor

Average annual pay: $34,972

We personally have made an income remotely while we travel the country with our 2 kids since July 2016. We have learned so much after investing in our millionaire mentor and decided to share through video all of the ways we have personally made money remotely. We even included how we obtained 40+ corporate sponsors in 12 months!