I must admit it is pretty fun and nostalgic looking back at old videos when our journey first started! These videos were downloaded right off Facebook Live so they are terrible quality but I am still thankful we captured these moments! We will forever have these memories and I am glad we at least have videos to look back at!

This was the first weekend we took out our Heartland Toy Hauler for a test run to see if we really could do this full time.  The weekend we took it happened to be the terrible night of the shooting at the well known club in Orlando Pulse nightclub.  I remember waking up to this news and it was one of those things you think to yourself this couldn’t be real this is in our backyard.  Pulse happened to be just a couple blocks away from where we lived so if we had been home we would have definitely heard the entire commotion!  

The weekends tragic event was confirmation that we had made the right decision to not renew our lease, sell pretty much everything we owned and hit the road with our kids to collect experiences!  The kids were way to young to understand what had happened so we did not tell them but we went to the beach and we wrote on the sand and enjoyed our entire day there as a family!  

We enjoyed our first test run so much we ended up extending our stay for an extra night! Overall our first test run was incredible we only had one terrible thing happened that still makes me upset when I think about it; our cat unfortunately got lost.  We hope that she was picked up by someone in the 55+ community next door to the campground we were at because she never came back to the RV.  We checked every tree in the campground, walked for hours calling her, stayed an extra night hoping she would come back but unfortunately she never did.  You can actually hear her in the video below.

The only video I have is this short one driving to Bulow Plantation in Flagler Beach, FL.  When we first bought our toy hauler we did not have a truck big enough to fit all of us so I was following Luis in our SUV along with the kids and the pets.  I am going to search through all of our videos and pictures on Facebook to see if I can come up with a short montage of our first test run! 

For now this is all I have of that wonderful memory: