Achieve a Growth Mindset

Mindset Intense Course


Learn how to develop an abundance mindset vs a lack mindset


Dig deeper to help discover the real you


Learn how to conquer and get rid of bad habits


Learn how to replace habits that don’t serve you with habits that will


Every person needs to hear and learn what Sandra shares. Sandra’s positive vibes always left me with such a good feeling inside that I have continued meditating and studying!

Audri Gallegos

I am so honored and blessed to have been in Sandra’s manifesting course, it truly helped me to not just dream bigger but to visualize in such a way that you create a reality you desire. I got so much value out of the manifesting course I was able to manifest a new dream member, a whole month of groceries money and just truly become happier with where I am💕 I highly recommend this course for any one looking to expand their reality.

Kassy Colp

Sandra’s course was so much more than I expected! I’ve really learned how to become aware of how I am truly Feeling in each moment. This intense focus on being aware of how I feel and what I’m attracting into my life put me right on the path to an amazing new job! On the 7th day of her course, I landed the job!  I’m attracting even MORE good things into my life Daily! If happiness is your goal? Work with Sandra you will not regret it!

Chelsey Brents

Honestly, it’s some of the BEST money I’ve ever spent on myself. It’s something that’s learned for life and can be applied anywhere. The teacher is fantastic and full of life and good energy. You can feel the love through the screen, and it’s contagious! I’ve definitely noticed the growth in myself after taking this course, and often times I quickly catch myself if I think or say something that may not be in alignment with the things I want. The value of what I got from this course is something I will keep with me for life, and WELL worth the investment!

Liz Diaz

I got such an education my manifestation skills got supercharged! I highly recommend this class to help get your mind focused in the right direction! So much practical info and Sandra is a great example of all she is teaching!

Melissa Brown

During Sandra’s class, I felt more empowered, really learned how to calm down and just let go of things I can’t control at the moment and manifest what I truly want. While I took the course I was focused on two things I wanted to manifest. Well, one already became a reality because I practiced everything Sandra taught without missing a step in less than a week of the class being over! I can’t thank my beautiful friend for putting this course together. You need to take this class!

Yhennifer Mendes

Social Media Manager