Start Your Blog For ONLY $3.95 Per Month!


I am going to give you a SUPER QUICK step by step guide to start your own blog in 15 minutes or less even if you have 0 technical experience!

When I first started blogging about 5 years ago I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and I will admit to you that I made quite a few mistakes! This time around I decided to consult some experts and learned quite a bit from others that had been there done that and made mistakes already.  So if you are feeling overwhelmed or you are not sure about where to start you are in the right place!

To get your blog setup you just have to follow the steps I share below and if at any time you have a question just shoot me an email at and I would love to help you.

Starting my own WordPress blog was one of the best decisions I made last year (its up there with my decision of selling pretty much everything we owned and hitting the road but thats another story lol)! This can also be one of the best decisions you make too!

Our blogging business has allowed us to have 17 sponsorships to date and I can’t wait to see our number a year from today because I have no doubt that this number will be much bigger!  Starting your own blog is a great way to bring in extra income and collect experiences (priceless!).

The first step to start your own blog you have to be on a self hosted WordPress platform.  I LOVE Bluehost and I highly recommend using them as well because they are the BIGGEST in the business and they have a great 24/7 support group available.

For a limited time ALL NEW signups through my link will get a special price of only $3.95/month and it includes a FREE DOMAIN for the first year!

I had no idea how life changing blogging was going to be for us! I will admit I did not take it as serious when I first began last year and I regret doing that! This past year I began to actually take this serious and ever since then we have adventured into caves, gone to alligator farms, galavanted in cities that have been around for 100s of years, adventured on trollies from the 1920s, cruised on riverboats and the list goes on and on!!!! Our family was “hosted” on all of these trips in exchange for coverage here on our site and over on our YouTube vlog.

I am so grateful for taking our blog to a new level and for allowing me extra freedom and extra income which in turns allows me to spend time with my family every day! Also allows us to travel to literally wherever the wind takes us and document it here for the world to experience as well.  Our goal is to inspire others to do what we do and that is collect experiences and not junk!

I am a firm believer that you are not here by accident so if you have been wanting to start your own blog and haven’t taken the leap of faith this is your chance to make a life changing decision!

You create your reality DO NOT forget that!

After following these steps you too can start working towards the life you have dreamt of having:

STEP 1: Click MY Link HERE for the $3.95 discount through Bluehost.  They are trusted by millions of bloggers including myself and they are the largest hosting company.

You have 3 packages to choose from: Basic, Plus and Prime

The Basic Plan works if you are on a limited budget. If you have a little to spare the Prime package definitely has the best value because you get FREE domain privacy, FREE SiteBackup Pro and Spam experts.  Additionally if you decide to run more than one blog wit this option you have the ability to host it on the same Bluehost account without paying anything extra (you just have to pay for the domain name).

Select the plan you prefer and you will you will be brought to STEP 2:

New Domain: Choose this if you do not have a domain yet.  Enter the name you want and click NEXT

I Have A Domain Name: Choose this if you have your domain name already.  Enter your current domain and click NEXT

STEP 3: Fill out your account information

STEP 4: Fill in your payment information and click SUBMIT

CONGRATS! You are officially a blog owner!!! 

STEP 5: Create your password and click NEXT

WordPress will begin installing automatically

STEP 5: Select a theme or skip this and do it later




I am so proud of you for taking the first step to begin your blogging career! I am honored to be part of your journey! Feel free to send me a friend request on Facebook and let me know you are all set up I would love to be your first subscriber!!!!

Happy writing! Don’t EVER forget to be unapologetically yourself because the world needs YOU!