Did you know that 3.9 million Americans are now working remotely?

In 2019 are you looking to make money from anywhere you choose?

We got your back.  

We are teaching you all of our personal ways we have made money from the road.

Keep reading to learn more about the workplace changes that are happening thanks to the internet.

Companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Dell just to name a few are recruiting remote workers.  They are realizing the cost-effective benefits from allowing employees to work from wherever they choose as long as they have internet.  This means fewer bills for the employer such as electric, internet, equipment and few bills for the employee such as gas, new work clothes, etc.

Thanks to the internet small businesses are also hiring remote workers.  Small business owners are able to hire freelancers much easier than going through the hassle of hiring an employee. In the next 10 years, FlexJobs predicts that more than one-third of employees will work remotely in the next decade.

The internet is also allowing freelancers to use their creative side and make income from wherever they are. There are so many ways to make money from wherever you choose it’s just a matter of learning and wanting to do it.

We personally have learned quite a few ways to earn money from our RV as we travel the country.  We have been able to make an income from publishing books, working with over 50 corporate sponsors, blogging, vlogging just to name a few.  The feeling of choosing where our office will be is one of the most freeing things I personally have experienced. 

Nothing like working from my desk overlooking the badlands in South Dakota, or from my front yard watching the majestic sunset at the Parowan Petroglyphs in Utah. Better yet? We have been able to have freedom of office as we explore the country with our two little ones.

We have been teaching people how to use their skills

 and talents to work from wherever they choose.  Recently we decided to put everything in one place including the exact templates we have used to land our 50 corporate sponsors including companies like Lippert and GoRVing.  If you want to learn all of the ways we have made money from our RV since July 2016 we teach you through video right here: How To Make Money From Wherever You Choose