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We are literally going where the wind takes us and on Day 34 (after leaving our home base in Florida) it happened to bring us to Mackinac Island (the land with no cars!!!) where we had the honor of exploring not only the island but also Fort Mackinac thanks to Dominick who made our visit to the Fort possible.

To say we all had a GREAT time is an understatement! We literally had the chance to experience history come back to life!  We were 150 feet above the straits of Mackinac reliving the eighteenth and nineteenth century through original buildings and tons of interactive exhibits! We also had the chance to witness a cannon shooting demo which was super cool because they were dressed up as soldiers as they explained and did the demo and it was very interactive!  Julez thought it was a bit loud but he loved it!

I am not sure if the kids or Luis and I had more fun in the kids interact building LOL it was just a blast! The kids got to dress up (our 2 year old was crying when it was time to take her outfit off and she cried all the way to the next exhibit!).  There was so much to do in there it was definitely a GREAT way to teach them with them enjoying it.

They have their own cafe if you want to eat with a GREAT view you must check it out! Also the VIEWS are insanely beautiful! We walked the entire island and honestly the Fort is the best spot to get views of the island! The pictures and videos we took just don’t do it justice YOU HAVE TO GO to witness it with your own eyes!

We HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend checking out Fort Mackinac !  Here you can check out their hours I promise you wont regret your visit!

We did a video sharing more of our expense and some of the exhibits just click the link below to check it out:

Disclosure: I received 3 nights stay in exchange for writing an honest review.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. 


117 Replies to “Fort Mackinac Review”

  1. I LOVE EXPERIENCING HISTORY COME TO LIFE!!!! This is why I specifically travel to countries/cities that are OLD and have stories!!!!! The stories I am going to hear in Africa in December, Gah! I am so excited!

  2. Wow this sounds like such an interesting place to visit with so much fantastic history! I’m going to have to pop it on the list of places to visit!

  3.  Travel is always my source of inspiration. I think this is a great place to go with family, look very clean and quiet. I will be there in the coming summer vacation!

  4. A land with no cars. Definitely a place I’d like to go. I’m sure the pollution would be way lesser than the city. Clean air is so important for a great life.

  5. My favorite thing about visiting p laces like this are their interactive exhibits. Especially with kids. Hands on activities can help you truly relive their experiences and get a better understanding of how things worked back then! Looks like a lot of fun!

  6. Fort Machinac is a great place to visit especially with the kids. I was there twice in my life, once as a child and once with my young boys. Thanks for sharing your awesome experience

  7. I love visiting places like this and your photos are incredible. I try to find places that have their own cafe because my crew is always hungry when we travel and it’s a pain to always pack a picnic.

  8. Living in Greece is living into history 24-7 so I know how you feel after visiting Fort Mackinac. I’d love to visit it too!

  9. Looks like you had an amazing time on the Mackinac Island! I’m so glad there are still some places left with no cars. It must be really peaceful.

  10. Can I just say I am so happy to have found your site!! My Hubby and I are plotting and planning on getting our first RV and starting a bit of an adventure with our family. You have inspired me even more!! I love your video and now I’m even more excited to try out the RV life for myself!

    1. OMG that is so awesome Tiffany!!! We love connecting with like minded people! Amy questions feel free to send us a friend request on FB! Inspiring others to pursue their definition of freedom is what we live for!

  11. We went there in the rain. We rented bikes and went out on the edge, and it was awesome. I do love Mackinac Island…and that bridge!

  12. The Fort Mackinac sounds like my kind of place. I wish to visit this too and check all your recommendations.
    Where is your next destination?

  13. It looks like you have had a satisfying and memorable holiday with your family. The atmosphere there seems nice, so I would definitely consider this spot for my future trips. Thanks so much!

    1. Ty Tanya! These have definitely been the best 15 months as a family! Talk about bonding and genuinely loving ourselves because we are all so happy and now it allows us to pour our love onto others 100% in person and virtually because our own cup is full!

  14. I’ve been wanting to go to Mackinac Island for so long. After seeing this post I think I really have to get on planning a trip there. It’s so beautiful

    1. Thats awesome June! Many people have never heard of this island (I was one of them!) Def make it a point to go visit and collect those wonderful experiences! I can’t wait to go back and I know the kids will love going back to the Fort!

  15. This sounds like a really fun and educational place. I would love to be able to take my son there. I think he would really enjoy it. It’s really not that far of a trip either from where we are.

  16. I love how spontaneous you guys are. How were you able to place your video on your post properly without the black border that shows up on mobile. I copied the embed code and place it in html. That didn’t really work that much. Any suggestions? Since I won’t know when you reply back to this comment, please email me when you get a chance.

    1. LOL we love being spontaneous and truly living this freedom lifestyle! We literally go with the flow! With WordPress to put the video in there it gives me the option to just put the video link under advanced layout editor. (I will email you as well)

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