When we were looking for where to boondock while we passed through Utah on our way to Nomad Fest in Texas we found this incredible place! Thanks to Campendium we were able to check out some reviews and decided to stop here. Thank goodness we did stop because we had a nail in our tire and by the time we arrived in Parowan we were almost on our rim!

It was pretty crazy but luckily the next day we made our way into Cedar City (which was only 11 miles away!) and found a Dodge dealership that was able to order the tire we needed. We stayed put until the tire came in and then decided to wait until the rain from Hurricane Rosa had passed.

Can you spot our RV AKA Big Bertha?

Can you spot our RV AKA Big Bertha?

Now back to this incredible boondocking spot:

It is about 10 miles off Interstate 15 and it is BLM land. The Bureau of Land Management has the land very well kept! They have a paved parking lot, a restroom, benches and quite a few displays talking about the history of the petroglyphs and the area.

The gap itself is not manmade. it was carved out 15 million years ago with a combination of wind and water and it left what we see today! Absolutely a breathtaking view! They have put a road in the middle making it a great road to travel on!

The Parowan Gap is definitely full of a ton of history! It is actually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. All four of us really enjoyed looking at the petroglyphs on the side of the hills (I am not sure who enjoyed it most the kids or us lol).

There are many different speculations on the meanings of the petroglyphs and its fun to see the theories on the display panels.  Check out some of the pictures we took:

This area is extremely well maintained and we really enjoyed staying here while our tire was getting fixed plus a few bonus days! We were able to witness some of the best sunsets. I even got to work outside as the sun went down! 

Even Luis enjoyed the freedom of office he had here:

Views for days!!!!

We will definitely be back and highly recommend checking out this wonderful piece of history.  The GPS coordinates to get here are: 37.909474 -112.984858

Have you been here before or ever seen petroglyphs? Please share below we LOVE to hear from you!!!