My first book review of the year is extremely exciting because it is a book very dear to my heart….I have put a lot of time, thoughts, sleepless nights and emotion into this work of art:

Breaking Your Limits: Learn How to Create the Reality You Desire


It is a look into what I have learned through my own personal development journey the last 7 years on how to achieve the reality I have always wanted. You will be able to start working immediately towards creating the reality you want for yourself. I will walk you through what I learned that is a must to live out your true desires not just what everyone tells you. I have managed to combine my passions of traveling and helping others and want to teach you how to also do what you are passionate about!

You can click the link above for a small preview for FREE!

Ready to take control and learn how to genuinely love yourself and push through your comfort zone?!!?

Then you will really find value in this book!

It is a short read that will not take you longer than an hour to read which has been some of the best feedback I have received so far!

My goal is to inspire many others in my shoes to take action and forget what anyone else thinks or says because quite honestly their opinions will never pay your bills (I had to learn this a long time ago).  I was a people pleaser for quite some time because I love people but I have finally learned that just because I wear my heart on my sleeve and I love everyone I do not have to live pleasing others before pleasing myself.  I was doing a disservice not only to them but to myself as well.

I can’t wait to hear your feedback if you can please leave a review on Amazon with your honest thoughts I really appreciate it and want to thank you ahead of time!

P.S You do not need a kindle to read the book (download the FREE kindle app from your App/Play Store and sign in with the same amazon account to read your new book)

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74 Replies to “Breaking Your Limits:”

  1. Wow, you’re own book – How inspiring. Sounds like it’s a great read. Good luck with it, sounds like you put a lot of hard work into it

  2. I cant remember the last time i reed a book, but this looks inspiring. Maybe its time for me to pick up an old habbit in reading again.

  3. I haven’t done a book review yet but this one looks really good. I used to read a lot. I wish I had more time to read. I will stop by to check it out the book. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. This sounds like an encouraging read and I love how you speak about the disservice that happens when you are trying to only please others. I will have to check this book out.

  5. Sounds like another inspiring book! I think it’s nice to be able to read books like this. It’s going to motivate you to value yourself and make sure that you love yourself better as well.

  6. Sounds empowering. I love free trials about anything that helps optimism and motivation. Great way to try Kindle as well, even just through the app.

  7. I love when the author’s passion for their masterpiece shows through! It sounds like a book worth taking the time to give a read!

  8. Breaking Your Limits sounds like a wonderful book that could inspire many to bring the best out of them easily. I am sure this is going to be a great read and will check it out!

  9. It’s great that you are publishing your story! I know that must have been difficult! I can’t wait to take a look! Congrats!

  10. Your book looks fascinating! Congrats to your book! It looks like great to read! I would love to spread this as well.

  11. I’ve finally made building myself in all aspects a priority as I launch my business and continue to create my future. I will definitely be adding this book to my must-read list.

  12. I am totally one of those people who has a problem with caring too much about what other people think. If you think this book will help with that, I might have to read it.

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