We are a full time traveling RV family promoting freedom of office along with personal development and self love.

We decided to sell almost everything we owned and hit the road in July 2016 in hopes of Collecting Experiences and Not Junk!  

We are now walking in our purpose as we inspire others to live their own definition of freedom while we teach our children by example!  

Our entire core is based on love and spreading love, hope and positivity in this world.

We are promoting freedom of office while we fulfill our passion for traveling. We help others dream bigger and learn to love themselves through personal development.

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Learn everything from boonodocking, best trucks and accessories for towing, RV parks, solar, traveling with kids, RV accessories, homeschooling, fishing while traveling, RV water filters, product reviews, RV renovations, and the list goes on and on…. 

Freedom of Office Is Real

We want to inspire YOU to live your own definition of freedom

YouTube Vlogs


Must Have Checklist for RV Newbies!

After 26 months of being full-time RVers exploring the country, we have been noticing some of our everyday items we not only use but also need have begun to wear and tear.  We personally have gone through quite a few sewer hoses due to so much use.  One huge tip after...

Our First RV Test Run!

I must admit it is pretty fun and nostalgic looking back at old videos when our journey first started! These videos were downloaded right off Facebook Live so they are terrible quality but I am still thankful we captured these moments! We will forever have these...

Picking Up Our RV (Our FIRST NEWBIE mistake)

This video might not be the best quality (it came off our Facebook live) but its a great one for the memory bank! This was the day we drove to pick up our RV AKA Big Bertha!!! I will NEVER forget this day because we were so EXCITED and NERVOUS all in one! I remember...

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