We are a full time traveling RV family promoting freedom of office along with personal development and self love.


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Courses and Resources

Luis and I are passionate about helping others level up in any area of their lives!

Manifestation Bootcamp

Have you ever wanted to be in total control of your reality?

Have you been feeling like you are just getting by?

Trust us when we tell you that’s not all there is to life. Through this course, you will learn exactly what we did to manifest everything in our lives to date including our very own reality show which will air in 2019 and being cast in the RV Nomads movie.

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Mindset Course

Do you know that everything starts in the mind?

Tired of not reaching your full potential?

Tired of not meeting your goals?

Tired of not feeling successful?

Tired of being broke?

If you answered YES to any of these questions this mindset course is PERFECT for you!!!

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Branding Course

Growing your online business?

It’s important to truly understand how to brand yourself!

People do business with people they:

* Like
* Trust
* Aspire To Be Like

We went from pushing products to learning the art of branding us & want to teach you how to do the same!

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Luis's Book:

Manifesting The Keys: Changing My Paradigm

Have you been feeling stuck in your life and trying to desperately get out of the routine you are in?

Take a journey into Luis’ life through his own self-growth and personal development

He openly talks about how he stepped into his power and his true calling despite the paradigm he had. He learned how to break through his paradigm and wants to help you do the same so that you too can step into your power.

We create our reality and learning how to truly love ourselves and love others in the process is a huge key many are missing.

Ready to take control of your life and change your paradigm?

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Sandra's Book:

Breaking Your Limits: Learn How To Create The Reality You Desire

A look into what Sandra has learned through her own personal development journey the last 8 years on how to achieve the reality she has always wanted.

You will be able to start working immediately towards creating the reality you want for yourself.

She will walk you through what she learned is a must to live out your true desires not just what everyone tells you. She has managed to combine her passions of traveling and helping others and wants to teach you how to also do what you are passionate about!

Ready to take control and learn how to genuinely love yourself and push through your comfort zone? 

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Full-Time Freedom Week

Learn everything you’ll want and need to know about the RV lifestyle

Freedom of Office Is Real

We want to inspire YOU to live your own definition of freedom

Freedom Blogs


Camping and Petroglyphs in Parowan Gap

When we were looking for where to boondock while we passed through Utah on our way to Nomad Fest in Texas we found this incredible place! Thanks to Campendium we were able to check out some reviews and decided to stop here. Thank goodness we did stop because we had a...

Must Have Checklist for RV Newbies!

After 26 months of being full-time RVers exploring the country, we have been noticing some of our everyday items we not only use but also need have begun to wear and tear.  We personally have gone through quite a few sewer hoses due to so much use.  One huge tip after...

Our First RV Test Run!

I must admit it is pretty fun and nostalgic looking back at old videos when our journey first started! These videos were downloaded right off Facebook Live so they are terrible quality but I am still thankful we captured these moments! We will forever have these...

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