So how are we able to afford to travel full time in our RV?!?!?!?

I get this question at least a few times every day!!!!

The funny thing is it's the same way I was making money before we hit the road but no one ever asked back then...LOL (We have added a few streams of income since we hit the road but everything is still online just like when we lived in our home)

We did a video and posted it on our YouTube channel but basically we have multiple streams of income and they are all online. I am so thankful for technology because it allows us the freedom of working from anywhere and everywhere! Here's a list of what we do:

1) We share our adventures on YouTube and many of our supporters help us by sharing our videos and ordering on Amazon through our link. We love to share our adventures because we are always getting asked pretty much the same questions by everyone about our lifestyle... It's like an interview when we tell someone we full time lol. Here's our YouTube channel I hope you enjoy it:


2) Self Published our own e-books on Amazon! This was an amazing journey for both hubby and I to write our own e-books and get them published. It was something we both always wanted to do but never actually thought we would (like many people I talk to about this) We were able to have both of out books in the top 10 in Amazon in two different categories!!!! That was an awesome achievement! Amazon has two different pay rates and once you reach the threshold of $100 you will get paid within 60 days and then after that initial wait you will get paid monthly.


7 Steps to Publish Your Books on Amazon

3) Self publishing course - We decided to create a course and offer it to anyone that has been thinking of writing their own book but has been nervous because if you are anything like me have absolutely NO idea where to start! This course is full of valuable information and worksheets to help you get started and published in 30 days! I also teach my secrets on how I personally got my own book up to #4 and # 7 in two different categories on Amazon !!!! If you have anything that you are passionate about I recommend writing a course as well they are fun and fairly easy to set up (just a bit time consuming but totally worth it!) You can click the link below:


How to โ€จwrite an e-book

4) Affiliate Marketing - This is our quickest form of income because we are paid instantly and are able to make 1K per day or more! We also offer this opportunity to everyone who is ready to work with a millionaire mentor and change their mindset and grow their current business (online or brick and mortar). You can check this opportunity out and share with anyone who is ready for a serious change:




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  1. Sandy N Vyjay
    Sandy N Vyjay says:

    Publishing a book recording your travel is an excellent idea. So is maintaining health and proper networking. Live vlogging also has become a great way to earn and travel for many youtubers.This post really helps to solve the dilemmas the many willing travelers face.

    • 1stClassrvadventures
      1stClassrvadventures says:

      Ty for taking your time to read! Our goal is to really inspire others to figure out how to make their dreams come true. There are so many ways out there to make an income thanks to technology its just weeding out what is legit and what’s not <3

  2. Author Brandi Kennedy
    Author Brandi Kennedy says:

    I’ve been building my own little collection of streams over the last couple of years, too. I’m hoping one day soon they’ll converge, become a river, and send my daughters to college. We’ll see – and in the meantime, I’m learning so much!

  3. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    Great post! I’m hoping to use some of your tips. We have only been blogging since January 2017 and haven’t monetized yet but we want to. Our goal is to eventually get to be full time RVers. We have been working on getting our traffic up and not being a big social media buff, we’re a little behind the curve! Thanks for the help and we’re looking forward to following along with and learning! Happy Travels!

  4. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Making money while being able to travel is a DREAM!! You’re so lucky you’ve found a way to make it work for your family and I’m definitely going to look into implementing some of these as streams of income for myself!! Great post!!

  5. Jo Anna Villarreal
    Jo Anna Villarreal says:

    I have been following your adventures for a long time now, and I love your blog. This post is super informative, thanks for sharing!!

  6. Daphne
    Daphne says:

    I’m envious of your RV adventures – it’s so lovely that you get to travel with the entire household! Thank you for the useful information as well – will definitely need to check out affiliate marketing sometime in the future – but I think website traffic is very important for that to work, right?

  7. Krista
    Krista says:

    I’m so happy for you two and glad you had the courage, and put forth the hard work, to make a living and travel together! Pretty funny that the questions didn’t come until you started traveling in an RV ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Kay
    Kay says:

    First off, you guys make this life look like FUN! But I can tell you’ve put a lot of effort into making this work and be an efficient option for your family. Way to be inspiring!

  9. Author Brandi Kennedy
    Author Brandi Kennedy says:

    I love that you guys are able to do all this stuff so that you can travel full time! I’d love to be able to travel full-time – I’ve even tried to convince my kids to like the idea. But they love their social lives at school too much to agree. I’m planning to do some serious traveling when they’re grown though!


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