Why We Worked so Hard to Truly Understand and Use the Law of Attraction in Our Lives

Sometimes in life, things don’t go according to plan and this is when we usually become extremely unhappy and disappointed with our current reality that we are living in.  What Luis and I have learned from personal experience is that this is when the law of attraction is a must!  The law of attraction means that what our mind thinks and focuses on is what we conceive and bring into our reality.  Bottom line is we attract to ourselves what we give our attention to.  If we think about being broke, poor and lonely and give focus to these thoughts every day then guess what happens?  These thoughts are exactly what we will be!


Our thoughts have a very significant impact in our lives; whether they are positive or negative. The achievements we have in our lives, the money we make, the house we live in and the partner whom we marry or are dating are the direct reflection of what we thought into our existence.  One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the law of attraction is not able to distinguish between positive and negative thoughts.


The law of attraction tends to be misunderstood in many ways.  People sometimes think that it deals with loving others.  In one way, it does refer to that, but there are other things to also know.  When we focus on negative and positive things, it brings about negative and positive thoughts. Several occasions happen in our lives because of our thinking.


For example, if we are thinking our relationship is horrible and that is all we dwell on then the law of attraction will make sure that our relationship stays horrible because it is what we are thinking.  If we decide to turn it around and focus on being grateful for being in a relationship and we begin to work on learning how to be happy in it, then the law of attraction will make sure we figure out ways to feel happier in that relationship.  This same concept can be applied to everything other situation in our lives.


You might be asking yourself: “How can I achieve success in my life?”  You will be pleasantly surprised to know that first you have to desire what you need or want in your life.  Unless you have that urge to really get something you will not plan and take the action needed to make it happen.  Use a paper and pen to write down what you want to do in life.  A great way to start is by writing down “I am so happy and grateful now that (your goal)”.  Writing it as if it already has happened will help the universe deliver what you are believing to have already happened.  Get extremely clear on what you want in order for you to immediately start taking action and control over what you want.  It can be absolutely anything you want and require.


When you are done writing everything down and getting very clear, you will immediately start feeling a sense of accomplishment and you will also be able to visualize yourself achieving your goals.  Maybe you want to live in a big house, you want a lot of money, you want a good life partner or a luxury vehicle.  All of these things have to be felt first in order to believe that they are possible before being able to actually live in them.  Do not worry how things are in the current moment or how others currently see you just focus on how you want things to be in order for those things to come to life.


Start looking forward to life every morning you wake up.  Only when you think positive, can you move forward in life.  As soon as you open your eyes begin your day by just saying “Thank you.”  This will bring a sense of genuine gratefulness and will allow the day to flow in a more positive direction.  It is impossible to gain more out of life if we are not able to be thankful for what we currently have.  Every single person is able to find at least one thing to be truly grateful for in this very moment.  As soon as we find things to be grateful for instead of being ungrateful or complaining we are able allow more of everything else we want into our lives.the
is yours to 


Challenge yourself to say thank you 100 times before even leaving your home every day.  Continue to say thank you throughout the day and at the end of the night think about everything you are thankful for.  You can even take it a step further and write down two things you were grateful for that happened that day.  This act of being thankful while in the moment will open many doors for the law of attraction to work for you.


When you think that it is not going to be possible or completed, then you can never move ahead.  Hence you will want to take control of your thoughts and be positive.  Only you can change your life which is why you will want to move ahead and use the law of attraction to achieve all of your goals and make your wildest dreams come true!


We use the law of attraction every day, whether we realize it or not.  You even attracted yourself to reading this article! The three basic steps of the law of attraction are 1) Ask 2) Believe 3) Receive.  If you are surrounded by negative relatives or friends distancing yourself as much as possible will allow the law of attraction to work better for you.  When we are surrounded by negative opinions and thoughts it makes it a little harder for us to remain positive.


Negative people like to take out their own misery on others, especially their family and friends.  Hence, they remain lonely and often feel insecure about themselves.  We are all better off without the negative Nancy’s in our lives. If someone is not going to uplift you or help you achieve your goals and make you feel good about yourself it is time to rethink that friendship or relationship.


Do you currently dislike your current reality?


You can take control and change it immediately!  You have the ability to take charge and make changes as early as right now.  As human beings, we have the ability to control our thoughts and it is a gift many do not use in their favor.  If you are watching the news every single morning a great tip is to please STOP!


Think about this: how is your day going to be if your friend comes over and tells you five terrible things every morning?  Your day will most likely be filled with the thoughts of these five terrible things.  The news is the same way only worst, it is usually more than five terrible things first thing in the morning.  How do you expect to have a positive day when you are filling your brain with negative things first thing in the morning or even at night before going to sleep?


It is time to take control and start asking the universe what you want out of life!  Start applying everything you just read to have the law of attraction work for you and in your favor instead of against it.  You are worth being happy every single day.  We are not here to just live unhappy in a job we hate, a life we despise day in and day out barely being happy and then poof in our graves.  Society tries to mold us from the time we are young and unfortunately many times it is someone we are truly not and we forget that all we have to do is simply ask for what we want.


Another key to the law of attraction is learning how to truly love ourselves. We want to really be careful with what we say about ourselves even if we are saying it jokingly. We don’t ever want to call ourselves dumb or stupid because eventually our minds start believing this. If you are guilty of putting yourself down its time to change that habit right now! Instead, let’s start telling ourselves how much we love ourselves. If you have the habit of putting yourself down it will take practice to reach a point when all you think is positive of yourself, but when you get in that healthy habit I promise the law of attraction will start working in your favor at a much faster rate.


When you have a thought (either positive or negative) about something the more you think about it the more powerful that specific thought becomes. When we have a thought about being sick or something not positive it is very important to redirect that thought to something positive to not keep watering that thought. A great analogy for this is to picture a seed. Not every seed blooms only those that are watered and nurtured on a daily basis. If you are feeling healthy and wealthy even if your body or bank account says otherwise you will begin to be healthy and wealthy because the law of attraction will not let you down. Make sure to focus on watering the thoughts you want to come to live not the ones you don’t.


Two great books that explain the law of attraction that are Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  Both books explain how powerful our thoughts are and that we are meant to have a beautiful life.  They help teach us through their books to really be grateful for whom we are and where we are, no matter what our current situations or circumstances are.  We are reminded in both books that when we give our focus to not having we will simply continue to not have.  When we feel great we are giving attention to what we want because we are like they explain aligned with what we want.  When we feel bad about ourselves or circumstance they teach us that we are not in alignment with what we desire therefore we are not giving attention to what we truly desire.

We all have our own beautiful journey that we will walk through and our own experiences we will learn from.  Using the law of attraction in our lives to help us become a better version of ourselves and help inspire others around us will help us feel so much more fulfilled and much happier every single day.  Our happiness will radiate and overflow causing more positive things to keep pouring into our lives.  The most important relationship we have in this world is the one we have with ourselves.  LOVE yourself first and you will be able to always figure out how to attract everything you want into your life.  You are made for more and worthy of having everything you want don’t let anyone take that away from you.


The law of attraction is honestly not as complicated as some people make it seem.  All you need to do is first have a grateful attitude for living in this awesome universe!  Then get very clear on exactly what you want out of life and let others know your goals so that you too can start believing them.  Keep in mind that not everyone will agree with your ideas and goals but do not let that discourage you because in the end it is your ideas not theirs and you truly do not need validation from anyone.  Stop giving attention to the things that you do not desire because it will not help you it will only hurt you.  Don’t forget to love yourself in the process and stop putting yourself down.  Never be afraid to ask anything out of life! Unless you ask, you never get it, period.

A Few Tips & Tricks to Declutter Your Home

When we moved from our 2 story home to our RV I had no choice but to declutter because there was absolutely no way to fit everything in our brand new RV! With another New Year right around the corner… Why not make a resolution to clean up your home and keep it clutter free? We all have clutter in our homes and desperately wish to get rid of it but usually have no idea where to start or feel overwhelmed. The idea of living a simple, organized and uncluttered life is definitely appealing to many. Having less stuff in your possession means less cleaning, less organizing and more money in your pocket. I’m going to be real honest the task at hand is not going to be easy! But there is a BUT… there are several fun and creative ways to make the task less difficult. So let’s get started.

Set a goal and decide on what you want to declutter!

Before you get started, it’s better to have a clear and concise plan. No matter how much clutter you have to get rid of, having specific goals will help you do the job effectively and easily. Instead of spending long hours decluttering your home, a good idea would be to work in small increments of time, to avoid boredom and frustration. Identify the space or room you are going to tackle first and decide on the things you want to keep and what you want to throw away.

Create a working space

If you have lot of decluttering to do, then a table would be a better working space to do the sorting, rather than the floor. Make sure it is easily accessible to you so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time walking to and from.

When you set out to declutter an area, make sure to keep three storage bins or boxes ready and label them as Trash, Keep and Give Away. One at a time, pick up each piece of clutter, think about what you want to do with it and place it in the appropriate box. When you are done with one area, take some time to empty the three boxes. Take a few minutes to go through the pile of things you have chosen to keep and make sure that what you have is what you really want to keep because from experience some of these items should’ve really been trashed or given donated. Once you have taken a decision, put the items for keep in their newly assigned place. Store the items to give away outside the house, in a garage, or may be in the trunk of your car to donate to a charity center as soon as possible so that it’s no longer in your home. Finally, empty the trash box/bin.

Clutter, no matter how much there is, can be really bad for your health. As the clutter increases, you feel more stressed and it affects your quality of life. According to Psychology Today, as people surround themselves with more stuff than they are able to manage, they tend to feel as if their life is out of control. Once you have eliminated the things that don’t belong in your home, you should be able to see the area in a whole different light and fully enjoy your space. After the decluttering process, you may want to organize all the stuff that you have decided to keep. Life becomes much simpler when you know exactly where everything is kept.

If you want to chat about your declutter adventures I’d love to hear!!!! Our simpler lifestyle has allowed way more room for memories instead of feeling weighed down by a bunch of material things. I have way less to clean and as a full time mom of two little ones I am truly grateful for having more time on my hands vs wasting it cleaning. We are truly living the less junk more journey lifestyle and it has been life changing!!!

Please share below ideas to make decluttering more fun, or your experience with decluttering your own space I’d absolutely LOVE to hear and learn from you!

Why Invest Into Creating Memories Rather Than Collecting Stuff?!?!?!

With our very freeing lifestyle of traveling full time in our RV as a family this topic is very dear to my heart. I have learned from personal experience how much more a memory means than a material possession. As a family we have travelled to 18 different states to date and I can tell you what we ate, what we did and how fulfilled I felt each time. Yes life threw us some lemons but we made the best out of each one and made some amazing lemonade with the lemons lol. We wake up every day with the intention to make a new memory, Our kids are very young and will probably not remember every detail like us but I absolutely know in my heart that these experiences are going into their memory bank (subconscious) and will help them as they get older to be happier, more positive people full of what I feel is most important LOVE.

We all want to be happy….a happy mind leads to a healthy body. As far as many people are concerned, shopping gives them the ultimate happiness. The instant satisfaction that comes along with purchasing new clothes, expensive jewelry, trendy shoes and other stuff makes them more and more addicted. But have you ever stopped to think how long such happiness lasts? You pay hundreds and thousands of dollars on stuff that lasts for a few months or maybe years. Sometimes you buy stuff that you don’t actually need all because it looks attractive. But then you don’t throw away useless things you’ve bought, thinking that you might find a use for it later on. Doesn’t it sound crazy to spend money on things that you actually don’t need? So rather than spending money on material things, spend money on experiences such as traveling, learning a new skill etc. These experiences are bound to give you happiness that last for a lifetime.

A popular and logical assumption is that since a physical object lasts longer, it will make us happier for a longer period of time, instead of an experience like a vacation or skydiving that lasts only for a short time. However, recent research proves that such assumptions are completely wrong. Psychological studies suggest that spending money on experiences is very helpful in improving your mood, whereas paying for physical objects does not produce this effect. Buying things surely makes us happy but then the excitement starts to wear off after a while as the object is no longer new and we start adapting to it. But with experiences and memories, it’s a totally different feeling. Experiences become a part of your life and your identity. You will always cherish those memories because they happened only once and may not happen again.

Another importance of creating memories is that you will be able to build good relationships with people who have the same interests and experiences as you have. At the same time, spending time with someone who has the same possessions is not that interesting or exciting. Anticipating an experience, like a vacation or a dinner, gives more happiness and excitement than waiting for the arrival of a physical object you have purchased. You actually look forward to the experience whereas waiting for a material thing makes you more impatient and restless.

Physical objects may get destroyed and go out of date, but a memory lives forever. What was once a bad experience might eventually turn into an enjoyable and funny one after the passing of time. Experiences are unique and personal. You cannot compare them the way you compare material objects. You are what you do, not what you have! When you think of someone, you mostly remember him or her by the things they did not the things they possess. That being said, you cannot live without buying stuff. But minimizing the things that you buy and giving away the things that you don’t really need can help you lead a free and happy life.

Why Get Rid of The Clutter?!?!?!

Todays blog post was inspired by many messages asking me if it was difficult moving into an RV and the book “Throw Out Fifty Things Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life” by Gail Blanke. My answer is for me personally it wasn’t as difficult to get rid of things because I have always had the motto “the Garbage is my best friend.” I remember being in high school and periodically going through my room and getting rid of anything I didn’t need anymore or wasn’t using that was just taking space. I also remember going to my one close friends house back then and practically forcing her to clean her room because I couldn’t hang out in the clutter she had accumulated. I didn’t know that this was going to help me over a decade later in life when we decided to move out of our two story home and into an RV.

I have never had a problem with getting rid of stuff but I was in shock on how much junk I had accumulated !

Where had the old me gone?!?!?

I had fallen into what I like to call the “Big House Trap” I had found a space for everything that I would find on sale and didn’t really need just because I had the room for it!!! I also had a bigger home which meant I needed for wall art and more stuff to help fill it!!! When we were downsizing I realized that the old me was lost in the clutter we had accumulated!

I honestly was in complete shock in how much junk we had moved in from our previous home that was hidden in a drawer or a corner! I started donating and throwing items away like a mad woman and I ended each day completely exhausted from all the decision making of what had to be kept and what to do with the rest but feeling more and more liberated as each day passed! It was one of the most freeing things I had ever done because I didn’t allow myself to rent a storage to keep items we might “need” in the future.
It took us 6 weeks to get rid of all our clutter and only move our necessities into our brand new RV. Your situation to declutter might not be as extreme as ours but the process I promise will help you feel like weight has been lifted off your shoulders. When we got rid of the clutter and only kept what we needed it helped us have a space for everything which in turn helped immensely for cleaning time! Cleaning time was cut down to 1 hour vs days! (I know the RV size helps this too lol) but seriously having a specific assigned spot for everything we own is SO helpful!

There was a study done at UCLA where they found that the more stuff in a woman’s house, the higher her level of stress hormones. The more clutter in our homes the less happy we feel about our lives!

When I found that info after doing our drastic move it made total sense! Every single mom I meet during our adventures I bring up how happy I am with cleaning time vs when we had our previous home and I have ALWAYS received the same reaction something like “OMG me too,” “YES,” the most recent “Amen Sister!” and we all feel we finally have more time to think about more important things than trying to keep our homes in order and feeling like we are failing.

Less clutter means less cleaning which in turns means enjoying your home instead of feeling owned by it. I am able to stop and play with my little ones vs picking up all day long!

I dare you to try decluttering your life!

Do you need ideas on where to start? Stay tuned for another blog with some ideas on what to do and where to start.

I want everyone to experience the freedom of getting rid of their junk and having more time to create memories. If you are feeling like it might be impossible I promise its all in your head. Focus on the positive outcome and how much freer you will feel. Take action start now and if you need some reassurance please reach out I’d love to chat with you!

Hello world! The BIG why?!?!?!?

Here we go my first official blog post.....

I was soooo excited to get this blog started and then I found myself scared, nervous and intimidated to do my first post (how ironic)! I have been going back and forth on what the first post should be and this is what has held me back (silly me).

I decided to make this first post about why we decided to become a full time RV family.

So the BIG why?!?!?!?

I had a really good friend tell me a few weeks before we made our decision that her and her family would be doing this for the summer and I immediately started thinking OMG she is so lucky!!!  I remember one of my first reactions I told her that she was going to have way less to clean and more time with her family plus more time to grow her business (since we are in the same line of business).

I'm going to paint you a picture of where we were living in at the time...... At this point we were in a large 1,800 sq ft home, huge backyard,  800 sq ft man cave in a nice neighborhood in college park, Florida in an extremely central location in Orlando.  Our house was beautiful and yes we had made so many memories in it so what happened is probably what you are asking?!?!?!?

We ended up going on a last minute getaway with my in laws in their new RV for the weekend and even though we were in a tiny 300 sq ft space all weekend with my in laws, brother in law, and 3 kids we all had an amazing time!  I had gotten a taste of how quick it would be to clean up a smaller space and head to the pool or just hang out with the kiddos and I honestly was hooked! We created so many memories that weekend as a family that we were inspired to go look at RV's the day after we got back.

We went home after looking at RV's all day and spoke about doing this kind of living full time and traveling.  We immediately decided to do a yard sale that Friday to see how it went and needless to say our first garage sale was a HUGE success!!! We couldn't believe all the stuff we had accumulated over the last 6 years of being together and how much people were loving all of our stuff that we hadn't used or worn in years!

After our first weekend of garage selling we decided that we were going to get rid of all this stuff that was weighing us down and holding us back from traveling as much as we both really wanted to.  It was a 6 week process of sorting, selling and donating almost every single item we owned! It has been the most freeing experience of my life! I had many people think we were crazy but I honestly could care less what anyone had to say because I had this crazy gut feeling that this was what my family and I needed to create more memories and live more adventures.

We picked up our RV two weeks after picking ours out and the day we brought it home we were beyond excited! I immediately began making it our home.  We continued garage selling for 4 more weeks right until the last weekend.  We decided not to rent a storage unit because we both knew that we would probably save a bunch of stuff that we really didn't need.  Finally the last day in our large downtown house arrived and it was very bittersweet.  I walked the home and made a video to cherish those memories so that I can share it with the kids when they are older.

July 2nd, 2016 we hit the road and it has been nothing short of amazing! The last 3 weeks we have seen more sunsets as a family than the last 3 years! We have been to more beaches together than the last 3 years! We have created so many more memorable memories together! Every day is an adventure, every day feels like a new blessing.  It feels incredible that our 440 sq ft home feels so much more like our home than our over sized house we were living in and missing out on what matters most.  Now I am not too busy cleaning for over 2 hours every day and then feeling too exhausted after cleaning and working my business to spend more time with my babies.  Now I clean our house in maximum 20 minutes (I must add it looks fabulous in that short time) and I work my business and I still have plenty of time to take my babies to the pool, the beach, go for a bike ride or just hang out with them!

We have officially gotten rid of all the junk that weighs us down in life and have simplified to only have our necessities.  We are now focused on spending time together and creating memories day in and day out!  We have met so many amazing people on our adventures that have loved hearing about how we became a  full time RV family.  Our parents have been able to come visit us and create memories with us as well in different beach areas in Florida and have been able to spend more time with their grand kids than before! Daddy has been able to enjoy his passion whenever he wants to fish and has caught tons of delicious fish which we have been able to enjoy together during dinner.

Was our decision to sell everything and move into an RV and travel a little crazy?!?!?!  I can see why people thought that because when I say it out loud it does sound a bit extreme.  It has been some of the happiest days for us!  I have never felt so fulfilled and accomplished in my entire life! When I envisioned having a family this is what I envisioned for my family.  I envisioned spending time together every day (not being exhausted from going to clock in and out at a job), I envisioned enjoying each others company as much as possible, I envisioned teaching my kids that what matters in life is not a bunch of stuff.  I have never felt better about spreading love, hope and positivity everywhere we go.

I hope that I can inspire many others to simplify their lives a little more and live adventures every day.  Granted you don't have to be as extreme as we were but take a weekend to go through your items and clothes and donate or garage sale those that you haven't used in the last year (I promise you it will feel very freeing).

My hope for you the one reading this is to dig deep in your soul and find what makes your soul come alive.  Mine is honestly to be an adventurer and not be tied down to one place, to be the one that raises my children and teach them life lessons by example, to travel as a family all year long not just once a year, to give back to those less fortunate, to inspire thousands of others to dream a little BIGGER.

I look forward to taking you on our #1stClassRVadventures through my blog posts.

Have a fabulous day!