Our Florida adventures while we explored and stayed this state as a full time traveling RV family

Trial Run Experience at Flagler Beach, FL

Before we were officially full time on the road we decided to do a weekend trial run to see exactly how it would be.

We had the full experience of setting up and breaking down.  We had a few tests but we quickly learned from them!

We learned that nothing ever goes as planned and when this happens its perfectly OK we just have to find a solution and not focus on the problem.  We enjoyed our trip so much that weekend we extended it another night and although we were sad to leave we were convinced this was the lifestyle for us.

The breakdown took us forever because our landing legs would not go up!!!!! We were in the hot sun with 3 kids in the car tired and ready to go (needless to say they weren’t very happy campers at that point-no pun intended). Our sweet neighbor came over who had been full timing for quite some time and gave us the tip that will forever be engraved in my memory.  “When things go wrong there is no reason to get mad or upset because that won’t help us at all.”  I will forever remember him because when anything has gone a little unplanned hubby and I both think of our first neighbors wise words during our trial run and mention his name and it always diffuses the situation.

During this test run the only thing that went terribly wrong was my pet cat Cindy Lou got lost.  This has been the hardest thing I have had to deal with from this whole experience.  We have gone back to the original place we lost her twice since then and every time we go I am still hopeful that when we end up going back there we will find her.  Until that day comes I remain hopeful that she is enjoying herself in Flagler beach and is being taken care of because she was the best cat ever.  It hurts my heart when I think of her and I pray for her every day.

Stay tuned to learn about our official travels.

Have a fabulous day! TTYS!