Our first trip out of Florida!

Thursday September 8, 2016 we ventured out of Florida for the first time! We had a conference in Atlanta so we decided to have a weekend getaway in Stone Mountain Campground in Georgia.  It was the perfect place to stay for the weekend before our West Coast tour!

I was very determined to stay there and called about 10 times hoping for a cancellation and the day before we were supposed to leave guess what happened?!??!! They had one cancellation a few minutes before I called! I didn’t even ask what my site included I was just excited and booked it! When I received my confirmation email I looked at the map and saw that we were lake view and got even more excited but I had absolutely no idea what a beautiful site we would arrive to the next day!!!!

We arrived Thursday evening completely exhausted because we were not very prepared and had a screaming and crying 1 year old for our 8 hour ride! I will never not be prepared again! The only time we didn’t hear screaming from our sweet Mimi was when she was eating.  Our site (#417) was pretty tight for our RV and poor Luis was a bit nervous about some of the trees but with the help of our friendly RV neighbors and his awesome driving skills he backed into our site perfectly! 

We went to bed earlier than usual and woke up the next day to the most amazing view we have had to date! Stone Mountain was literally behind us it was a breathtaking view! Friday we were full blown tourists! We took the Sky Ride up to the mountain, visited Historic Square and the farmyard.  Hubby wasn’t too excited about the Sky Ride because of his fear of heights.  It was an interesting hour before we actually went on the Sky Ride because he was freaking out a little bit but I was so proud of him because he conquered his fear and rode up with us instead of walking up the mountain by himself! When he was up there exactly what I predicted happened he absolutely LOVED it!!!!!

I really enjoyed learning and seeing so much history right before my eyes! We walked through a plantation from the 1800’s and were able to see and walk through quite a few homes from history right before our eyes!  There is no better way to teach history to our kids than actually walking through it and seeing it.  The kids loved petting the goats and sheep at the farmyard in the plantation this was a great way to keep them engaged in the whole experience.  We ended Friday evening with some delicious food off the grill and enjoyed the perfect sunset right from our backyard! 

Our friends who introduced us to our home based business arrived later on in the evening and I took a short ride to her campsite and helped her with settling in because she also had a long trip with her two little ones.  It was both of our first times leaving Florida and luckily we both were able to stay at Stone Mountain and have some shared adventures this past weekend.  I am super grateful to our freedom of office living because we have created priceless memories the last 2 months with our family and our friends it’s been an amazing experience so far!

Saturday afternoon I went to a training in Atlanta with my friend and we were able to hang out with our itWorks Family for a few hours and boy let me tell you there’s such a different amazing feeling being surrounded with like-minded individuals! My AHA moment from our training was when our CEO stated “Your purpose should have people questioning your sanity!” I could totally relate because when we decided to full time RV and we began selling everything not many understood our decision and had very strong opinions about what we were about to do and many thought we were insane but turned out to be the best decision we have ever made!

We have more time to spend together as a family, we have made our relationship stronger and we have come to the realization that our purpose is to spread love, hope and positivity in this world all while blessing others.  These last 2 months have been so life changing and our hope is to help millions of people find their purpose and learn how to love life like they once did as little children before the world began depositing all the negativity into their lives!

We ended Saturday night with dinner and watching the laser show and fireworks in Stone Mountain with our friends.  It was a beautiful show and so awesome we got to share the memory and adventure together before we left to the west coast and they left to the east coast. 

We learned a few new lessons this weekend and some were reinforced lessons:

1)      When you really want something keep trying until you get it!

2)      When your kids act up for an 8 hr trip be better prepared next time!

3)      We are more fulfilled as human beings helping others and sharing adventures and memories with each other!

4)      When people think you have lost your marbles you are living your purpose!

5)      We will have challenges during our travels but we will always find a solution!

6)      If fears are holding you back conquer them ASAP!

It was great chatting with you can’t wait to share more adventures of our west coast tour!


Trial Run Experience at Flagler Beach, FL

Before we were officially full time on the road we decided to do a weekend trial run to see exactly how it would be.

We had the full experience of setting up and breaking down.  We had a few tests but we quickly learned from them!

We learned that nothing ever goes as planned and when this happens its perfectly OK we just have to find a solution and not focus on the problem.  We enjoyed our trip so much that weekend we extended it another night and although we were sad to leave we were convinced this was the lifestyle for us.

The breakdown took us forever because our landing legs would not go up!!!!! We were in the hot sun with 3 kids in the car tired and ready to go (needless to say they weren’t very happy campers at that point-no pun intended). Our sweet neighbor came over who had been full timing for quite some time and gave us the tip that will forever be engraved in my memory.  “When things go wrong there is no reason to get mad or upset because that won’t help us at all.”  I will forever remember him because when anything has gone a little unplanned hubby and I both think of our first neighbors wise words during our trial run and mention his name and it always diffuses the situation.

During this test run the only thing that went terribly wrong was my pet cat Cindy Lou got lost.  This has been the hardest thing I have had to deal with from this whole experience.  We have gone back to the original place we lost her twice since then and every time we go I am still hopeful that when we end up going back there we will find her.  Until that day comes I remain hopeful that she is enjoying herself in Flagler beach and is being taken care of because she was the best cat ever.  It hurts my heart when I think of her and I pray for her every day.

Stay tuned to learn about our official travels.

Have a fabulous day! TTYS!